Why choose SENGA aluminium tubes for your compressed piping system?


The performance (energy efficiency) and lifespan of your compressed piping system depends heavily on the quality of the tubes used.

To meet technical and economic requirements, the choice of aluminium tubes is essential.

SENGA tubes (8300 series) are made of extruded aluminium alloy and painted to RAL 5012 and will meet your expectations in terms of both installation and performance.


Aluminium pipes for compressed air system SENGA


Galvanised steel tubes:

 croixHigh pressure losses (high roughness)
 croixRisk of leakage
 croixRisk of corrosion
 croixSupplied without paint
 croixHeavy tubes
 croixDifficult to cut manually
 croixDifficult to deburr
 croixRough and dirty surface


Galvanized steel pipes SENGA

SENGA pipes:

 carre Minimised pressure drop (divided by 2)
 carre Low risk of leakage
 carre Corrosion resistant
 carre Tubes painted to RAL 5012 (compressed air)
 carre Lightweight tubes
 carre Quick and easy manual cutting
 carre Fast deburring
 carre Smooth and low dirt surface

Aluminium pipes for compressed air system SENGA


Technical characteristics of SENGA pipes:

- Diameters: ø25 - ø40 mm (calibrated)

- Thickness: 1.5 mm

- Lengths: 3 or 6 m

- Material: Extruded aluminium alloy EN AW 6060-T6

- Colour: RAL 5012 (compressed air colour)

- Marking: SENGA

- Electrostatic paint (certified non-toxic according to UNI 9983)logo uni simple

- Coefficient of expansion: 0.024 mm/(m°C)

- Density: 2.70 kg/dm3

- Complies with Directive 97/23/EC art 3.3 (PED: Pressure Equipment Directive)


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