The V.E.P. « Valve Eco&Power »: innovation for energy!


The Valve Eco&Power is a multi-functional energy saving device for compressed air systems that will give you quantifiable savings on your pneumatic cylinders by improving their efficiency. For example, it can be used to reduce the operating pressure by 1 bar while maintaining the desired force performance. This includes:

  • A reduction in compressor operating time.
  • A reduction in the energy dispersed in the form of heat due to the driving force of the actuators and that consumed in the cleaning and filtering systems...
  • Less condensation.
  • Less wear and tear on the air production equipment and therefore savings on maintenance costs.

The result: energy savings of between 10 and 27%!

Valve Eco&Power for pneumatic cylinders - SENGA

But the interest of the V.E.P. does not stop there: it can also be used as a power multiplier. Indeed, without any intervention on the operating pressure of your installation, the V.E.P. allows you to increase the force of your cylinders by 11 to 44%!

This function can be applied:

  • In cases where it is necessary to increase the force of the rod to guarantee certain thrust levels.
  • When a safety margin is required if there are pressure variations in the air system.
  • Where the increase in cylinder force is critical to ensure completion of an operation.
  • To counteract overloads due to tool actions.
  • To avoid the use of higher pressures or the use of expensive pressure multipliers.

Find out more about other applications of the Eco&Power Valve in our catalogue.

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