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SENGA celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Located near Annecy, this family business is specialised in fittings and couplings for compressed air, as well as tubes and components for pneumatics (cylinders, pneumatic valves and filtration). Its CEO, Patrice Bandera, explains to us how, in a difficult context of de-industrialisation in France, it has managed to maintain constant growth since its creation.
How does your offer work?
We distribute our products through a network of regional industrial supply dealers throughout France, using catalogues as a support. 80% of our turnover (€5.6M in 2015) is achieved through this channel, compared with 20% directly with machine manufacturers.
The SENGA brand (manufactured in collaboration with Italian, German and French subcontractors) is promoted, but we also represent recognised brands, some of which are exclusive: AIRCOMP, WAIRCOM, ROTOFLUX, etc.
To what assets do you owe your durability?
To the quality of the products, the extent of the range which covers most of the pneumatic transmission needs, a very high level of service (availability of products within 24 hours, technical advice, reactivity, respect of deadlines...). In addition to this, we have a competent team, with a management style based on the involvement and responsibility of each individual, and our strong commercial penetration of the French territory.
Finally, I would say that our longevity comes largely from the long-lasting relationships we have with our partners, both customers and suppliers.
What are your current objectives?
Our ambition is to maintain a measured but sustainable growth dynamic, while adapting to environmental changes in the sector: online commerce, the emergence of large groups and framework contracts. Our lines of development are oriented towards exports, the expansion of our range, and the penetration of new markets such as large accounts, agriculture or automotive supply. Capitalising on our experience, and possibly external growth, will enable us to implement them serenely. 

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19, Route de la Salle
ZAC des Romains Sud, Cran-Gevrier

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