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General terms and conditions of sale 

Our conditions of sale and delivery exclude in a general and complete manner the application of any other conditions laid down by the buyer.

These terms and conditions take precedence over any terms and conditions set out by the buyer before, during or after the conclusion of the sale, unless different conditions are expressly accepted by us in writing.

Prices and general information:

Due to the uncertainty of the prices of raw materials, labour and the fluctuations that may occur between the day of placing the order and the day of its execution, our prices are not binding and may be changed without prior notice.

All our orders are executed on the conditions in force at the date of dispatch of the goods, even for contracts in progress.

All orders are subject to acceptance by us. Any commitment made by our agents or representatives is only valid after our written confirmation.

All orders are binding and cannot be cancelled by the buyer. Delivery times are given as an indication only and are not binding on us. without any obligation on our part. Delays cannot justify any claim for damages against us.

Payment and collection:

 All our invoices are payable either:

- cash (according to the invoice date)

- by bill of exchange at 30 days, presented on acceptance, by us or by our bank, without discount, unless otherwise indicated on the front.

By express agreement and unless a postponement is requested in good time and granted by us, failure to pay for our supplies on the due date will result in:

- the immediate payment of all outstanding sums, whatever the method of payment provided for (by accepted draft or not)

- the payment, by way of damages and penalty clause, of an indemnity equal to 15% of the sums due, in addition to interest calculated at the legal rate increased by 50%, at interest calculated at the legal rate plus 50%, from the day following the deadline for payment until the day of final settlement, without any notice of default being necessary. formal notice is necessary.

Penalties are payable at the same time as the balance of the debt.

For first time business, shipments are cash on delivery due to the time required to open an account.

Transport and packaging:

Our goods travel at the risk of our customers.

Our goods travel at the risk of our customers.

In the event of shortages, damage or delays, our customers must refuse deliveries or make reservations with the carrier within 3 days of receiving the goods. following receipt of the goods.

Force majeure:

The occurrence of a case of force majeure has the effect of suspending the execution of our contractual obligations.

A case of force majeure is any event beyond our control that prevents the normal functioning of the manufacturing or shipping of the products. of the products. In particular, cases of force majeure include total or partial strikes that hinder the proper functioning of our company or that of one of our suppliers. of our company or that of one of our suppliers, subcontractors or transporters, as well as the interruption of transport, of the supply of energy, raw materials or raw materials or spare parts.

Complaints and returns:

Any complaint, in order to be admissible, must be formulated within eight days following the reception of our goods.

Returns are only accepted if we have previously authorised them. They must be sent to us free of charge at home and must include only goods in perfect condition. only goods in perfect condition. The goods are credited to the buyer without the latter being able to demand reimbursement in cash. They will only be taken back in exchange for other supplies.

Parts manufactured according to specifications or drawings are neither taken back nor exchanged.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale:

Any customer who places an order with our company or enters into a contract with it implicitly accepts the above conditions.

Attribution of jurisdiction:

In case of dispute, the court of ANNECY (74000) will have exclusive jurisdiction. 

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