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  • APPLICATIONS: The automatic rechargeable grease lubricators are designed to be installed wherever there is a point to be greased: bearings, bushings, joints, ball joints, electric motors, compressors, pumps, valves, reducers, cranes, mills, ovens, conveyor belts, calenders, Archimedean screws, vibrating sieves, elevators, presses, rolling mills, fans, turbines, etc.


    • Displays consumption and allows remote control thanks to its total transparency. Immediate activation. No batteries or gas.

    • Can be installed indoors, outdoors, remotely, upside down, under water, in dangerous and inconvenient places.

    • Maintains constant lubrication and does not allow solid build-up.

    • Installed lubricant reserve, reduces lubrication operations, avoids oversights.

    • Saves production downtime and costly repairs.

    • Environmentally friendly: refillable several times, avoids continuous disposal costs.

    • Completely recyclable.

    • Easy and quick assembly.



    100 ml and 220 ml container. Made of *Lexan® transparent with high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance.

    Robustness and operation from -30°C to +132°C. Easy and quick to refill with all types of grease NLGI 0-1-2-3 by standard H side grease nipple.

    New simplified setting for grease outlet : 1, 3, 6, 12 months(*) variable at any time.

    Standard medium spring M, optional low spring D for high temperature and/or fluid grease, optional high spring F for low temperature and/or dense grease.

    • Two sizes: 100-220 ml

    • No battery or gas

    • On Demand" power supply

    • Standard H side grease nipple

Automatic lubricators


Automatic refillable lubricators

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