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    Our pneumatic swivel joints are particularly suitable for indexing tables, rotary tables and industrial robots. Their design with a rolling guide allows for high speed pneumatic connections. Avoid side loads on hoses that can cause excessive bearing loads and compromise the rotation and life of the connection.

    ➜ Materials and components:

    - retaining ring (ZnDc)
    - resin body (PBT)
    - nickel-plated brass body
    - locking clip (stainless steel)
    - insert (ZnDc)
    - plunger (POM)
    - tube (PU, PA)
    - O-ring (NBR)
    - bearing
    - seal (FPM)
    - shaft-bearing (stainless steel)

    ➜ Application range: compressed air, vacuum
    - working pressure : 0 ÷ 9 BAR
    - vacuum resistance: - 750mm Hg
    - working temperature: 0°C / + 60°C
    - recommended tube: Polyurethane, Polyamide possible

Push-in swivel fittings


Swivel fittings, straight male BSP tapered

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Swivel fittings, straight male BSP cylindrical

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Swivel fittings, male angle BSP tapered

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Swivel fittings, male angle BSP cylindrical

Base price: :

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