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The short-nozzle compressed air blowguns made of reinforced polyamide 6 GK with an aluminum body offer an effective solution for a variety of industrial applications requiring precise distribution of compressed air. Their robust design includes a body made of polyamide 6 GK reinforced with glass beads, ensuring both lightweight and durability. Equipped with a 1/4" cylindrical BSP female threaded connection, these blowguns provide easy and secure installation in different industrial environments.

A key advantage of these blowguns is their ability for progressive regulation of the airflow, allowing precise control according to the requirements of the application. Moreover, they come with a nut facilitating the nozzle change, ensuring great flexibility and adaptability to the specific requirements of each situation.

These blowguns are ideal for use with filtered compressed air, offering an operating pressure ranging from 2 to 8 BAR, with a maximum service pressure (PMS) of 10 BAR. Their sound level complies with the standards specified in the manufacturer's catalog. Additionally, they can operate within a temperature range from -20°C to +80°C, making them suitable for a variety of industrial applications in diverse environmental conditions.

➜ Materials and components
- body made of polyamide 6 GK 30 reinforced with glass beads
- 1/4" cylindrical BSP female threaded connection
- progressive air flow regulation
- equipped with a nut for nozzle change (M12 x 1.25)

➜ Application range: filtered compressed air
- working pressure: 2 - 8 BAR (PMS: 10 BAR)
- noise level: see catalog.
- working temperature: - 20°C / + 80°C


Product series

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Product number Product Name Weight Stock Quantity
8105 13 01 Aluminium short nozzle blowgun D.1.5  
On request, delivery from €15
8105 20 01 Short nozzle only D.1.5 0.007 kg
Delivery 24/72h from €15
8105 50 01 Elbow extension M/F L.300mm 0.062 kg
Delivery 24/72h from €15
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