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The 50 mm length Venturi effect nozzles for compressed air blowguns offer an effective solution for generating a concentrated and powerful air jet in various industrial applications. Featuring a design based on the Venturi effect principle, these nozzles are engineered to accelerate the airflow by using the fluid pressure to create a vacuum that draws in surrounding air, thereby mixing it to produce a high-velocity jet.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, these nozzles ensure durability and resistance to wear in demanding industrial environments. Their compact and lightweight design makes them easy to install and handle, offering great flexibility in use.

These nozzles are ideal for applications such as cleaning, drying, cooling, or bulk material transport. Their energy efficiency helps reduce compressed air consumption while ensuring optimal performance.

In summary, the 50 mm length Venturi effect nozzles for compressed air blowguns are essential components for enhancing the efficiency of industrial processes requiring a concentrated and powerful air jet.

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312L50 Venturi nozzle 50 0.037 kg
Delivery 24/72h from €15

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